Techdraw addon [Update_01/05/2020], added scale presets


New update.

To respond to Voguart’s request for changes, this is the solution I propose.

If the projecting part contains modifier ‘BOOLEAN’, for example, the ‘Special duplicate’ button will have to be used first. Watch the video.

Parts Settings:

  • Update view changes. We use the picker to select the modified piece, we select (right click + shift) all the parts to be modified. Finally, we press the ‘Update view’ button.
  • Adding the ‘Special duplicate’ button, duplicates selected objects to the cursor and applies the modifier.
  • Added 4 pickers and the ‘Special snap’ button. Watch the video for use.

Freestyle Settings:

Voguart, n’hésite pas à me faire un retour sur cette MàJ.


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Was there ever a version of this for Blender 2.79? I still use it but am slowly moving to 2.80

Excellent , maybe you add this addon edit dimension in edit mode , Set Dimensions in Edit Mode :grinning:

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Congratulations. a great job. A great idea to implement in Blender.

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Thank you for your feedbacks

SHABA1: Was there ever a version of this for Blender 2.79? -> I do not believe.

Blender 2.8 is really good. Switch to 2.8

Benny_G: maybe you add this addon edit dimension in edit mode
-> For the edit mode, I see what I can do.




A minor update: just cleaning code.

Benny_G, I do not add Set Dimensions in Edit Mode to this addon. I change the existing code of the addon ‘edit dimensions’ to blender 2.8 and I add accessibility via w-key.



Thanks , for update :smiley::grinning:

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What would be the best workflow to import .stl files and get nice results with the add-on?
Any ideas on how to fix issues with topology etc?

Hi Johannes,

I tested the .stl file import and did not see any problem. Can you post screenshots or an .stl file with the problem you are having, it is to see if your request concerns the addon or the freestyle settings. If I have the .stl file, I will make a video. Thank you.


Seems fantastic!!! For me does not work in my blender 2.80 or 2.82… How can i make it work?

Hi Emanuel,
Do you see the addon in preference? After downloading the addon, you must unzip it a first time before installing it. You can watch one of my post in Aug 2019 for install.

Hi Laurent26,

Very useful :smiley: your addon and thank you so much for sharing for FREE!!

It’s possible to add (implimented) scale presets?


            ('1000', '1/1000', '1/1000'),
            ('500', '1/500', '1/500'),
            ('200', '1/200', '1/200'),
            ('100', '1/100', '1/100'),
            ('50', '1/50', '1/50'),
            ('20', '1/20', '1/20'),
            ('10', '1/10', '1/10'),
            ('5', '1/5', '1/5'),
            ('2', '1/2', '1/2'),
            ('1', '1/1', '1/1'),

Hi Serviteur,

Thank you for your comment.

At the start of the project I wanted to set this parameter, but too many possibilities. So I left this parameter free. But here’s the trick:

1 °) A4 sheet model and printing on A4 paper

2 °) A3 sheet model and printing on A3 paper

3 °) A3 sheet model and printing on A4 paper => the one I use most often.

I hope that answers your question. If several people insist on having this parameter, I will code it.

Thank you for your reply.
I hope several people will insist on having this setting so you can code.

Here are some addons that already have their presets for printing scale:

Hi Serviteur,

I changed the code.
I add a list of scale. I also added a + button to add its own scales and a - button to remove scales.

Select your scale and clic “Update settings”

Tell me if you’re okay.

Thanks Laurent for the quick update (preset scale). :+1: :smiley:

I’ll give you my impressions… when I’ll be done with some tests.


dxfWriter Addon for Blender 2.8x

DXFWriter is a Blender addon by TL using Freestyle which allows to render your scene as a single or series of DXF files.