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Technical info aside, what really are the common steps in creating a model? I draw out or get a model of something first, but once you touch the key board what do you want to do? I’ve half-built a model of a Corsair Aerospace fighter from BattleTech. I’ve got all the main polygons, but i need to add little details like armor panel creases. Is this best added into the model or into a texture. Speaking of textures I can’t find a tutorial I like anywhere. I read the one here, but it didn’t talk about adding outside images or anything, and the other ones I’ve seen just noted it assumeing you know how to do it.


I need to clarify, I need tutorials on how to MAKE textures for polygons I make. Of which I haven’t been able to find.

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You could try IamInnocent’s UV tute. Find it here:
I’m not sure if it’s finished yet.

It’s probably better to use textures for as much detail as possible. I tend to model everything though, since it’s more fun :wink:


Incomplete it says and won’t let me there… Anyone else? Simple tut on makeing textures and how to apply them? I meen the only thing i’ve been able to cover is a plane, when i tried to apply it to a cube it didn’t do anything.

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try this



Thanks, I’ll read it

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I always try to model as many details as possible. Textures usually look fake if you misuse them. So when modelling details, I always model them from the beginning. I don’t make a rough form first. That’s because blender doesn’t have tools like knife or bandsaw etc…