Technical Drawing Program

Hi folks

I’m looking around for a good program for doing technical drawing.
Doesn’t have to be 3-D. Just for drawing lines, shapes, beziers (maybe) etc and to be able to do so to good accurate measurements. Photoshop isn’t much good for this sadly.

I’m doing a bit of architectural modelling and I was drawing using graph paper when I thought ‘It must be possible to do this using software!’.

Can anyone recommend any such prog?

edit; forgot to mention-open source obviously!

If you’re looking at architectural use, I’d recommend Sketchup. Not OSS, but there’s a free version available. Very quick and intuitive, esp for archi. work. And the geometry can be imported into blender.

There are not many OSS CAD apps out there. There are several free options, however. Suggest searching this site, esp this forum category, with “CAD” or “Architecture” or similar keywords. I have many listed on my links page, too.

Thanks Mzungu.
As I say, it doesn’t have to be CAD-in fact Blender is good enough in that respect for my needs. It’s more for drawing up elevations and plans for later either importing into Blender, or else just using as reference.

Actually, It’s mainly cause I’ve lost my compasses and I’m too lazy to go out and buy a new pair! :smiley:

Can I ask, have you used the UGS Solid edge 2d program? I’ve downloaded a copy and am playing around with it now.

you can still find Qcad in some linux distros, it is a nice alternative from autocad

I tinkered with it for a bit. It was nice, especially when you turn the dimension control mode on. (That mode where the dimensions and relations/constraints drive the geometry - can’t recall what SE2D calls it…) Makes things quite nice once you get used to it. I just don’t use 2D that much, but if I did and was able, this would likely be my first choice free app.

For a more CorelDraw/Illustrator -type vector graphics app, look at Inkscape. OSS and quite refined.