Technical hardware question

Hello everybody!

I hope this is the right section for this topic - I didn’t found some about hardware.

At this moment I want to buy a new PC for rendersupport with blender. Since I readed some posts, tests and articles, I found the information that a NVIDIA card with CUDA is important for GPU-render, and AMD don’t support it.

After searching a lot of time, I selectet this one ( ) for boosting with 32GB RAM.

Main modifications:
i7-4770 Prozessor
16 GB RAM (I will boost it on 32)
NVIDIA GeForce GT640 Grafik (2048 MB)

Costs (with RAM-boost) about 980-1000€ + OS

Did I chose a complete fail with my experience, or is this a propper render-hardware for blender?

Thanks for your opinion!

I would say it looks pretty good, but if you have any more coin in your budget try for something a little better than the 640.

If you look at the 640 nVidia specs.

The cuda core count is fairly low. I have the 460gtx which actually faster in some respects than the 640.

Now take a look at the 660GTX.

Wow, 960 cores vs 384. Try to go for at least a 660 or better. Also your choice of 2GB is good, 1GB does not allow for complex geometry or texturing in Cycles. But more vRAM is better in this case.

Hmm, I tried a alternative on
Now I have a GTX660 and a flew € (aprox. 100€) left.
I don’t know in this moment if it make sense for higher GF - the GTX 770 looks jear, bit is there so mutch benefit?

Hmm, after I searched a litte bit with the GTX, I think the GTX760 with 4096MB RAM is a good alternative for me. It hurts my budget a little bit, but the MSI N760 TF 4GD5/OC looks really nice.

So there is:
I7 (4770) processor
32 GB system-RAM

Pricing: In this case I will pay 1237€ - heavy stuff, but I think its better to pay a flew € more for BIG grafic-ram…
I hope Cycles will make realtime-rendering with this :wink:

In normal case - whats your experience with GTX or what did you heared from this model. Is the GTX760 a good card, or waste of money?


I have no really exp. with the performance difference between 1333 and 1600 RAM, but you are right that it is the easiest upgrade to buy +16GB in a year and put it in free slots. In this case it can be a option to buy them later.
Cause I didn’t do overclocking since jet in my lifetime, and because I need a very stable system, I would prefeare the i7. I need the PC for my little one-man-company to make architectural visualisations & short movies. Would be not cool to render a movie over night with a deathline, and the computer gets a bluescreen or overhead…

Its also the reason why I will not wait for the next generation of gpu, cause I need it for projects in the presents. For personal use & gaming, I woud agree with you.

The last renderproject was a nightmare with my laptop and its old i7-mobile chip, so I want a stable and performate alternative :wink:

And thanks for the support - I think I slowly get a idea what I will buy :slight_smile:

Hmm, I am also thinking about to take the Biostar Hi-Fi B85S3+ instead of the ASUS Z87M-PLUS (C2), Mainboard. Ca. 50€ free for better cooling. Seems to have all features I need.

[edit - 18:32]
After there was the funny thing that the 1600er RAM was cheaper than the 1333, I made two alternatives. One with 16GB, one with 32GB:

Minimised some parts, and put the ressources on the ones I think I will need. With 874,56€ + assambling I am full in my budget :-). I would be happy to hear Your opinions, but I think I didn’t saved money at the wrong parts.

Many thanks for the help - and special for the help with the grafic-card.
I buyed a flew minutes ago the system. Now it has I7 4770, 16GB RAM (with option to 32 expand), GFX 760 (boosted with 4GB).

I hope CUDA will have fun :wink:

It arrived today - blender GPU-rendering fast like hell :slight_smile: