Technical question (Objects as light source)

I’m currently trying to build a lamp and of course i’d want it to be a source of light, i already know about the emission option in the materials section but all i get from that is a faint glow (unless there’s some trick i’m not aware of). So how can i get an object to radiate some serious light??

You can increase the strength from 1.0 (very weak) to whatever you want, oftentimes ~10 - 50

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I assume you are in eevee then you need irradiance volume to see the effect. Tip: always check things like this in cycles. If you use the principled BSDF you can simply insert a math node in the emission slot to increase the value in a way that is easy to calculate.

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Thank you for your answers, i’ve been able to increase the strenght of the light, even so, when i use eevee i get the glow from the source but no reflection from nearby objects and when i use cycles i get the reflection but no glow from the source, is there a way to get both?

you also need to add some of the lightprobe to affect reflections and shadows

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