Technical Support Question

Trying to setup Freestyle using Freestyle Edge Marks.

Doesn’t work in Blender 3.0, 2.93, 2.83.

Had to go all the way back to 2.79 to get it to work.

EXACT SETTINGS every time.

Setup Freestyle. Setup Freestyle Export. Turned off everything e except Edge Marks.

Didn’t work in 2.83, 2.9x, or 3.0.

Worked in 2.79.

If it were a location error, or a write problem it wouldn’t have worked in 2.79 I don’t think.

All the same I tried adjusting file/folder access writes to be sure. And sent the results to a new, empty folder.

Using MacPro - Laptop, Monterey.

works for me.

Did you turn on freestyle under render properties?

It renders fine.

Only in 2.79 does it export, ordinarily to 00xx.svg.

And, I created a specific location to export to and so specified in the Render output settings - nothing, except 2.79.

The svg exporter is absent on the doc from 2.80 onwards. I tested it on 2.81and it doesn’t work, it crashed on 2.93. Likely the addon is broken