Technique definition

I have no idea how the technique for the following is called :frowning: <I’ll try to explain what i’m aiming for:

Imagine you were to model a simple window with a reflective glass…the glass geometry would be perfectly flat and the light would bouce like it does off a perfectly flat surface (duh)…in reality that’s not the case of course, and when you watch some real glass of some size, you can see its slightly deformed. This can of course ne done in CGI also, however…i have no idea how, or even how the technique may be called, can someone give me any info (general or specific, its all good) to help figure a way to obtain a very slightly deformed surface that’s supposed to be very smooth and reflective)

thx in advance :wink:

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I dont think that what i’m asking can be achieved with normal maps or textures, are you sure you really understood what i’m asking, admin?

You can absolutely use a texture to influence/distort a reflection.