Technique for a pile of soil?


I’m moving to Blender from LW and I did time ago a render where there was a pile of soil… I created it using particles with a volumetric texture as you can see below

Here is the making of where you can see what volumetrics I’m talking about.

How could I get the same effect with Blender? Could volume shader help or there is another smarter way? Thanks

Nice pic by the way. I hope to see it soon at the “Finished Works”. :slight_smile:

You can create some low poly geometry to be used as a template.

Then this geometry might have some displacement modifier to get the small details right. Also the same material might be used for the larger rocks.

Finally you can have a collection of various rocks. That will be scattered in that low poly surface.



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Thanks! A lot of info there to work with. I 'll share an image ASAP :slight_smile: