Technique modeling a house?

Ok so I haven’t tried to model archtiecture such as houses before. But now I need to model a certain house. This house below:
So what is the secret when making houses? I tried and this is the result, The base building isn’t so hard. But when it comes to the roof it gets much harder. And it looks so stiff and not so organic like the house above. I would appreciate any tips you can give me:)

If things in real life aren’t continuous, don’t model them like that. So, don’t model all the house in one piece. Model separatedly and then join them. Also, use proper edgeloops to keep the flow. And subsurf it if you can.=P

theres my take on it. I think thats closer to what you want.

Blend file attached with my working outs.

that only took me an HOUR lulz :spin:

As was suggested before: do not model the whole house as one mesh - use separate parts. As for the roof, and any other architectural part, one method to get rid of the ‘stiffness’ is to model the base object straight, and then use proportional editing to mess things up a bit. For example, in this case I would go for a straight-on simple roof with rounded corners, subdivide and use the proportional editing mode to move the vertices of the roof here and there for the best effect.

To age a structure, such as a house, proportional edit mode can be your best friend, and is very simple to use. Just make sure to create a backup of the original model :slight_smile: before things get out of control! For a low-down on proportional editing:

mrjynx, it’s great you are able to model that roof - next time perhaps include an explanation of the basic steps involved for Zarnik? “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Some links to architectural modeling:

Good book that covers architectural modeling in Blender: