technique practice

I have done pretty much every blender tutorial that I can find, but I still can’t seem to get the hang of the cube technique. I haven’t done the make human tutorials yet, but other than that…Does everyone plan out models before they get started or is it just spontaneous extrusion decisions?

personally, i never model from a cube. i almost always just extrude from a plane. most of my projects i find i do draw by hand first, and then start modelling, but i almost always end up going off the track to my sketches.

The cube technique blurs my “mind’s eye”. I create a mesh in the same manner that I create a pencil sketch, or start sculpting a piece of clay.

In Blender I start working on a mesh from one vertice and branch out.

The vertex technique seems like to much unconstrained hard work.

My technique, at least for character modeling, is to create an outline of the profile of the head, then the portrait using vertices, making sure the references that I use match up in size and position. Then I start extruding from the profile outline in front view. I take features that I know I can match up in both drawings, such as the side of the nose, or the corner of the eye or mouth, and exrude it first from the center to the side, then in side view pull it back to where it should be. If that doesn’t make sense (which it probably doesn’t) I can give you an example.

Well, I just wish I could get this idea modeled so I could enter it in the WC.
The profile I have of this car(a picture) is from the front corner edge so I suspect if I traces the side that it will be deformed and it isn’t a conventional car.

sorry pal, but theres not always an easy way to do everthing. you’re just going to have to get fast at doing it the slow way :wink:

I’m still a beginner but I seem to find vertex modelling easier when I have to create a specific head, where it has to look like like someone and I can use the trace method. In therory, this method has to produce an essentially accurate model. Torq’s “better face tutorial” seems like the easiest way to apply this method.

But for an original cartoon character, I find box modelling is more like sculpting and I can just see where I end up by subdividing and pushing a box around. They all start out the same, subdivide, work in mirror mode, cut a couple of loops for the eye and mouth then just add loops as desired to detail specific areas.

I used the box technique for this guy:

You can see more of him in Works in Progress:

“Fool” to you too. Nicely done.