Technique to curve a cube side

I feel sorry for asking this but i didnt find an automated solution for this in the tutorials i watched.

Whenever im trying to curve the edge from a cube its either looking horribile (doing it manually) or im creating way too much geometry using NURBS/Bezier and then trying to cube them

As amazing blender is, i can’t imagine there isnt a better way to simply move the selected vertices to the right in a curved form to create the object seen on the left with way less geometry.

Thanks in advance for your time!


To have a curve you need geometry otherwise you have a straight line !

What exactly are you trying to do ? You can bevel those edges and create as much/little additional geometry as you need

  • Create you geometry with a sufficient amount of polygons.
  • Create an armature with however many bones you want. For smooth deformation and easier skinning, it may be easiest to use a segmented bone.
  • Skin the geometry to the armature. Automatic weights are probably sufficient, especially if using only one deformation bone.
  • Pose the armature for the desired curve.
  • “Apply” the armature modifier on your geometry.

I was very vague here since I don’t know how familiar you are with different things. If you need more details about anything, I can elaborate.

EDIT: It might be easier to use as few vertices as possible along with a subsurf modifier and with edge creases. It depends upon how complex of a curve you want. And, when you apply the subsurf, it would result in a great number of polygons where you don’t need them compared to using an armature.

“to simply move the selected vertices to the right in a curved form” -
use Circle to start the build or, use Proportional Edit mode on selected vertices.

It is not said on linked page that hidden geometry wont be influenced by proportional edit. Shift-H is a handy key combination.

This just might be a little to advanced for you if you’re not familiar enough with bevel and lattice modifiers, you can change the objects resolution as well as shape with ease. Here’s the blend file.