Techniques for settling fluid from frame 1 for animation ???

How do i begin from frame 1 with a settled fluid ready for obstacle interaction?

I have a barrel (ideally full with liquid) and wish to drop an object into barrel from frame 1 and have the fluid react accordingly. The key point been i wish the fluid to be 100% settle to begin with (or maybe 99% will do)

So my problem so far, i have to wait 500 frames before the fluid is close to settled, then drop the object in.

Is there a way to have it start at 100% settled from frame 1, so i can just drop the object in at say frame 10 and have the fluid react accordingly???

To add to all this, whenever i set the fluid to volume it shoots outside the container and takes the shape of a box. Using shell … well that works but again must settle first, so no good.


You should be able to accomplish this by increasing the start time on the domain. This will cause the fluid sim to pre-calculate the effect for the first frame.