Techno explosion (abstract piece (again))

All done in Blender 2.42 except some softening to fix aliasing problems and a slight contrast adjustment.

As you know, i’ve been doing a series of abstract pieces. And again, it’s according to my definition and interpretation of art. Everyone has their own opinion of what art is and this is according to mine. I do not feel I am required to actually include a real world subject like a person if i’m doing abstract pieces but have something to complete the piece.

Piece called techno explosion because of the angular look of the objects with pieces flying off.

I like this one. think a little bit more about color choice and it’s my new desktop

I also like it.

has it been enlarged at all? seems a little blurry to me… is that intentional? cool colors.

I blurred it just a little to correct aliasing problems the internal renderer had with some bright specular spots.

You will get aliasing in some cases with Blender Internal with specularity.

Thats funny its a bit blurry for me too.

Read above post if you missed it.

what you can do to solve that is render it twice its intended size and scale it down in photoshop afterwards (photoshop or whatever image editing program you have). i always do that, works like a charm. AA-artefacts-be-gone.

Or if you have PSP 7 like I have you can use the soften filter and then use sharpen.

I’d find that worth not having to wait twice as long for it to render.

you don’t neccessarly have to wait twice as long. Because by rendering twice as big, you can render with a bit less osa (let say you use 16…you could use 11). I believe it does look better than “blurring” a little bit. but that depends on what you want to create.

Anyway, I kind of like the last 2 you did, better imho than the ones you did before.

Luckily I found I don’t need to have to do that. I just take it in to Paint shop pro. Use a soften filter on it then use a sharpen filter.

You seem to have your mind all made up and set in concrete about blurring rather than scaling down. Pity. I would also suggest to blur by scaling down as it has a much better end result than any filtered soften / blur, depending if you’re using a program like Photoshop or Gimp with their smart antialiased scaling. Nevermind, your work afterall. (Though you really should try it sometime to see :wink: )

I have my own interpretation about what this one is about. I’m not wanting to say though because it might ruin other people’s perception of it. Nice work.

You might want to use less JPEG compression for renders like these. The artifacts (more obvious at the top) mess up the color and detail.

Actually it’s Mudpuddle that compresses them. If the size exceeds the maximum limit for image size then it compresses them down. Usually this isn’t a big problem.