Technobabble (node glow)

The nice glow effect really does give kind of a warm feeling here.

Blender SVN, heavy use of the new bevel tool and blurry reflections.

I notice that you’ve put the division between red and yellow hues such that the composition is divided 1/3 – 2/3. That’s a good beginning to using thirds to make your composition more engaging. The colors are all warm colors, which supports your work on a nice warm feeling through the glow effect.

What is no one else wanting to reply and only want to rate it 1-2 stars? To those who think it should have 1 star then I blame you because this is an example of a good image.

Eh, I imagine fuzzy will find it and start a fuss eventually if you’re worried about post count.

Liked it, didn’t have much to say about it, except that plasticy stuff at the bottom of the screen looks strange and I haven’t figured it out. Also, feels very gamey, like something you’d have to haul somewhere else to make the door open :).

And dude, ignore the stars, they’re not good for you.


Well I thought this could get at least 4 stars.

If this deserves one star then 3 stars should be the highest possible rating, 4/5 stars would be impossible to get, I post good renders and always get 2 stars, that means @ndy’s best work should only have 3.

Interesting image.
Would you supply the blend file for download?

Why do you think it should be rated “good” – that is to say, above average, but below excellent?

vibrant and geometric.

it’s cool in that it’s almost an optical illusion???

Do you really, honestly think, that this is such a good piece of work, that it deserves a total of 4 stars CD? I mean come on… Basicly this is just a extrueded and beveled cube and some grids with faces cut off.

Quotin dis for telling it like it is!

Cyborg, we know you can do better. :mad:

Can he? He did once try to do something with textures but that took to long and was to hard. He rather make his computer render for hour instead of doing actual work.

1 star because you’re s lazy sob.

Cyborg Dragon: You will receive a PM very soon.