Hey guy’s, my very close best friend Kerri has a problem. Electronics screw up on her more than what happens to the usual person. In like less than a month she went through four irons and a microwave. Her computer act crazy with her all the time too. Me and her used to work out at the gymn and she would set the tread mill/cycle whatever it was to a certain level and it wouldn’t work for her, then I would use it and it would work just fine, or she would put her hands on the thing that take your pulse and heart beat and stuff and it either wouldn’t give her any feedback or it would be ridiculously high, rediculously low or give her an error. The stereo system in her car always acts up and her keyless entry remot for her car went out. Her porch lights stopped working for a while and started working better when I started coming over more. Just about anything electronic that she comes in contact with screws up, I’m afraid to let her near my computer or microwave, without those two things I’d die.
I’ve tried to find an answer to why this keeps happening and I can’t find one, the only think I can think of it that she must have some sorta strong electromagnetic wave that interacts with every thing around her. really strange. So what do you guy’s think? Any ideas?

well, i dont remember what it is called, but some people have an effect on electronics like the one you described. usually they can put out streetlights with it.

i saw the documentary on tlc/discovery/science channel or whatever.

either that or she is just jinxed.

Have you ever considered the possibilty that you make broken things work; that maybe ‘regular’ people live in a world of disfunctional technology and your presence alone brings gadgets alive?

Hmm… Interesting. Nope, I don’t think so, I don’t know, I know that other people notice how odd it is that electronics keep screwing up around her.

maybe the government stuck some kind of emp transmitter in her brain when she wasnt looking… >_>

seriously though… thats kinda strange and I never heard of that before. She just sounds quite unlucky to me.

I notice that me and Kerri are complete opposites (which can get dangerous sometimes). She likes a lot of heavy metal, I like a lot of real soft music. I’m very positive, she’s rather negative, but that is starting to change, she likes dark clothing, I like light clothing, she is very neat and organized, I’m a mess lol, she saves her money, I give mine away. We are complete opposites, but I’m closer to her than her own brother.

well, you know what they say… opposites attract

Yeah, kinda odd, lot’s of times I know exactly what she wants to do when I’m with her. I think we have some sorta connection.

Oh, also she gave a full tank of gas the other day. I have like a 30 gallon tank. that has absolutly no relivance to this, just thought I’d trow it in there.

ask her out already, or this post gets locked :stuck_out_tongue: … by her EMP brainwaves none the less :stuck_out_tongue:


I say, take her to your ATM and make a withdrawal…
It’ll either eat your card or spit out bucks. Let us know, and don’t forget that I gave you the idea (unless your card gets the munch :D)

I do believe that is the result of an age-old curse. They call it Electrodistbang.

Ill look around and see what I can drag up on getting rid of it.

yeah thats usually what they can do :confused:

i have a book on what was discribed earlyer it has something to do with that person aura it interfears with electroincs more than usual it varies from person to person like some theres no effect others will be mild like watches will die faster than normal and other will be more sever where electronics will die off faster

and just incause you dont konw the aura is a field of enegry the body gives off it will if you can see it reflect you from personaility traits to health to emotion
heres somthing talking about it and its use in computers somthing japanes working on

i seen the title and it peaked my intrest i for a while tried to learn PK
but i dont have the will power to keep up with it

oh by the way the work your looking for in the title was Telekinesis or Psychokenisis
(literally “mind-movement”) or PK is the more commonly used term today for what in the past was known as telekinesis (literally “distant-movement”). It refers to the psi ability to influence the behavior of matter by mental intention (or possibly some other aspect of mental activity) alone. As of 2004 the term remote influencing is becoming widely used for certain kinds of psychokinesis. - From wikipedia

and you konw its always been said humans only use about 10% of there brain capasity so theres some food for thought

Ya, too bad that’s bullshit.

beg pardon?

Clearly the only one that read this post correctly :smiley:

Yeah, I don’t want to go out on a date or even date Kerri, guy’s are always coming up to me asking me if she’s single and guy’s are always trying to ask her out, it’s weird. Personaly I think she looks hot, but I don’t want to “be” with her. Last night we went out to see X-MAN 3 and I had to explain the whole thing to her. I think there was some sorta esp program someone made one time on this forum, I tried to find it last night, but I couldn’t. I would be cool if I could somehow test her out.

Oh also she’s taking me to a powow pretty soon, maybe I’ll meet a hot native chick, at least I get an Indian Taco or some Frybread :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Oh also I keep forgeting things cause I’m sick.

oohhhhhh woops my bad