Can you point me in the right direction? I’m doing a presentation on technological hazards, and I haven’t got any ideas.

Of course, wars and nuclear threats are obvious, but what else? These things have to be real.


Some people think that cell phones give you brain cancer. But I don’t think it has been proven.

TVs supposedly make you sterile too.

Not that I have any solid proof to back these theories up.

Sterile?! Where on (or off) earth did you hear that from?

I think that some of our beloved scandinavians (Don’t remember if it was sweden or norway) studied the effects of cell phones on people. I think they really did say that it is dangerous to use cell phones, but I’m not sure.

It’s not like I care about it anyway. When someone dies because of cell phones’ direct influence to the brain, then I’ll throw mine away. (Permanent brain damage would also probably suffice. :smiley: )

Don’t know about TVs, but having a laptop on your lap too frequently has recently been proven to cause male sterility. If ever get one, I’ll put it on the table, that’s for sure.

Cell phones have been shown to cause brain damage in rats.

I don’t know about permanent brain damage but we have plenty of proof that cell phones cause temporary brain damage; people driving while talking, (completley obvlivious to traffic and causing accidents, sometimes involving fatalities), using the phone while trying to have a transaction with a salesperson at best buy,jabbering away in libraries, answering the phone in the theatre or during speeches/lectures because “it’s really important” ect. Amazingly enough, once they put the cell phone down their brains start working somewhat normally again.


the large cellphone companies were the ones who commisioned a scientist to do this study.

he was fired after telling the cellphone companies the results, before telling the public the results. and the cell phone companies tried to bar him from telling the public.

his findings were thay you have an 80% greater chance of a brain tumour with cellphone use than without. and this was over a short period.


computers damage your eyes :smiley:

technological hazard: to be so highly advanced in technology that everybody just launch their troops on you :smiley:


cars are a technological hazard.
preservative/pesticides/food additives have sideeffects on people and nature
work environment hazards: solvents and chemicals used in manufacturing, heavy duty equipment can crush limbs, etc. even RSI from keyboard and mouse use…
anywhere electricity is used you have the risk of electric shock/electrical fires
modern medicines have sideeffects and overdose risks, including death.
guns and weaponry are technological, and “unsafe” by design, depending on which side of the trigger you face :wink:
air pollution from burning fuels can cause breathing problems in some people- this can be serious to fatal, depending on the person and the extent of the pollution.
not a direct hazard, but technology enables large scale operations ( industry, deforestation, polution) that impact the environment, and thus change nature of exposure to natural disasters, ability of some communities to do subsistance farming, etc.

cellphones/powerlines/microwaves belong in the controversial category, so I wouldn’t use them as a general example of technological hazard. On the other hand, GMO plants and foods have been know to grow to gargantuan sizes and terrorize small communities :wink:

HAHA! sterile i havent heard that in ages! that came from back in the days when TVs where new and the teen generation of the 60s and 70s found a way to find pron on tv. they would find a channel that was real fuzzy and they’d here the occasional sound or see the occasional nipple. this was the playboy channel of the 70s. thats where the sterile myth comes from. it was used to scare teens :smiley:

Maybe they got sterile from spanking the monkey too much while watching the fuzzy porn.

Maybe they got sterile from spanking the monkey too much while watching the fuzzy porn.[/quote]

VERY GOOD BUSSMAN! hands bussman a lollipop :stuck_out_tongue: tahts what i was implying :wink: the myth back then was “spanking the monkey” was said to make you sterile. this has been proven false but yet the myth persists

If you’re not sterile yet it’s because you’re not doin it enough. Gives you hairy palms too!

This is definately my favorite:

Burning scrotums with laptops, now that would be a good one for the two guys from Myth Busters to test.

LOL!! :smiley:

I think they were pretty thorough, I doubt it’s an urban legend. If you read the whole thing you will find that they actually measured the temperature of the left and right nut, respectively, not just the overall sac temperature.

I’ll bet at least five more people are going to click that link now.

I clicked on it, but I closed the page because it started annoingly. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I didn’t think that I would get 13 REPLIES in ONE DAY!

Anyway: slikdigit, you were especially helpful, thanks, but… The hazards are not supposed to be “personal” in the sense that they affect only a few people per accident (for example: getting hit by a car). Sorry, I should have mentioned it earlier. :wink:

Things like tsunamis, volcanoes and stuff like that would be great, but they’d have to be created by people for them to suit my needs! I think I’m going to present SUPERVIRUSES that were created by antibiotics as a technological hazard… :smiley:

GoLD text is nice.

The new Air Bus?

How about all them computer games frame rates and such giving people epileptic seizures??? I get headaches from Unreal Tournament… can’t play it… it puts me on the edge of acid flashbacks as well (not kidding).

Technologically induced tsunamis??? Yeah blame it on goldmember!!! I know I do :wink:

I knew a guy who held a presentation about how many ways you can kill someone with a pencil once… the year after he did the same thing but then regarding photo copiers.

But a non individual accident that you can blame on technology??? Nuclear power plants??? Oil spils? The ozone layer? Poluted water sources?

There was a recent study that didn’t look at cell phones individually but at the electro magnetic garbage we pump through the atmosphere with ze big antenae. Tell you… if I ever make enough money to build me a house I’ll incorporate a farraday cage! hehe :wink: