Techy Wall Tile


Was staring at the wall in missgarfield83’s latest work on the redeemer project and decided to do something along those lines. I’ve only a chunk of the modleing done before I got to futzing around with other stuff, but I’m fairly happy with the effect so far. The metal material is a two minute hack, but I spent a lot of time tweaking the red light texture and I’m liking that so far (it’s my first use of an emit texture and I ended up adding in a cheap bloom effect to make the most of it :D).

This might make its way into an unreal map if I get around to doing one in their tech style because it fits. (I’m working (very very slowly on and off) on a sewer-type map now.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looks like a good start. My only crit is that the rim of metal around the red patches look as though they need to be beveled to some degree.


Haven’t really had the right combination of time/energy/motivation to work on much creative (aside from some nifty doodles at work, but anyway). Pulled together a few more components today; not really textured yet and I don’t know where I’m going with this or if these belong in here, but …

A bulbuous CRT thing:

A blocky bevelled 16 pin connector

And some sort of turn handle … which I did try to texture, but it sucked and I haven’t gotten back to it yet.

Also, thanks Zapper, and I did bevel those things, though apparently I was looking at an extereme closeup like this when I did as the things just don’t show up at a distance.

Did some more playing around. Materails still suck (and I see one place where the uvmap got hosed while I was editing), but they’re mainly for vague feel at the moment.

Ditched the screen for now, probably put it in another segment later.

Probably needs more bevels.

Still hammering away at this thing. Lost the rubberish hose when I forgot to save, but it wasn’t very well done anyway. Decided to remake the red light thingies and realized that I couldn’t really make them look very good without some better lighting effects, so I experimented with radiosity for the first time. My new bloom noodle is darkening the rest of the image now, but I kinda liked the effect so I haven’t debugged it yet.

And since I accidentally uploaded it anyway, the full size one as a linky thing:

Nice start so far … the textures just need to be overdone …