Tecko Computers

If anyone is intrested in buying a new computer you should check out http://www.teckocomputers.com/:smiley: They make pretty amazing computers, trust me I knew the owner and the computers he built are amazing.:eek:

The in-car computer sounds pretty cool. Probably pricey though. He needs to finish his website, a lot of pages say “coming soon”. Why even post a site if it’s not finished yet? It makes the whole thing seem unprofessional.

yea thats what i was thinking, if your starting a company before marketing at least make sure that your website is finished

I just have to say that I actually bought a computer from Tecko and all my “custom built” computer ever did was crash on me every time it was on for more than an hour.

It was built especially for audio, which his website says he can do. Umm…no.
I sent it back to be fixed twice, upgraded a few parts at his advice and my expense, and he even charged me to ship to him the second time. I have now had this piece of sh*t computer sitting in a closet for the last two years. Finally gave in and bought a Mac.

Save yourself the heartache and do not buy a Tecko.