teddy bear (2.40) - update

furry particle test


cute [!]

really nice :wink: is there an animation coming up ? :smiley:
It’s really cute and cuddly :smiley:

are there any tuts for the new particle stuff in 2.4? I saw a bunch of nifty stuff coming out but cudn’t find tuts :frowning:

Not nearly enough particles, I’m afraid. Look at the back of the head, it doesn’t even have any fur. The rest is too thin, looks like he’s balding. Otherwise good, it’s almost there, just needs more fur.

On the rough blue one:
what’s up with the back of the ear?
and could you please lighten the front of the teddybear more, because it’s a bit dark.

It looks nice and cuddly though.

Realy good use of the particles! thumbs up

Nice work! I’d love to see this with eyes, and if you haven’t already, maybe add a few bones so you can pose it :slight_smile: hehe, makes me want to jump in there and give it a great big hug :stuck_out_tongue:

From Daniel

I’ve added some eyes, and deleted some hidden faces to increase particle concentration.


I actually liked how the use of fur was subtle, which is different from a lot of other hair trails, but the hair on the back of the head is indeed too thin. I thought the body hair on the first pic was good.

Now the head hair on that latest pic looks good, but now the hair on the body is too thick. Perhaps they should be in seperate vertex groups.