Teddy bear animation wip. . .


I have been testing the new Blender 2.46 RC features. This version is really amazing in terms of fur creation and character animation.

This is a little test i finish in only a few hours of work with the new Blender 2.46 RC. It is a teddy bear model, animated with a mocap file from www.centralsource.com.
The rig was made with the “Create from Bone Heat” feature and the fur is only 1000 static particles!.

It is only a test but i am very satisfied with the initial results!


Click to view video 320x240 (14.5 MB)

Click to view video 640x480 (26.4 MB)

awesome! the only problem I see is that the fur is way to reflective…I know fur shines but
not like that…

You are wright!, it seems the MPEG4 compression used to made the video size smaller, gives a shiny look to the fur. On the original uncompressed Quicktime does not shows this shine on the fur, i will try to reduce the effect with changing teh shader vales. Thanks for your comment, it will help me to have a better final look!

it’s adorable :^)