Teddy bear has a basic set

Hi all, this is my second solo/ non tutorial blender piece and my first attempt with particles. Tedy now has a basic set, Why has the wallpaper blured in one corner? Can anyone tell me how to scale the floor texture?


You need to make the underllying mesh visible. On the particles tab under the display section click the mesh button.

What he ^ said, cute bear though :smiley:

Much better guys, thank’s. Still a lot to do tho.


Whoah, did you make his hair longer? I’d bring it in a little, also you should probably just use nor and mabye just a little tiny bit of rand on his fur, looks like you used the x, y, z adjustments. the hair should stand strieaght from the face it’s originating from.
Hope I made myself clearm some times I can’t articulate myself that well.

Thank’s JB. I did have a little nudge at x,y,z. I put them back to 0. I have nor at 0.005 and ran at 0.001 this time, any better?


Yeah, that’s a lot better. But for some reason it looks sorta toonish, are you using noodles? It could be the lighting too.

Could be the lighting cos I have no idea what a noodle is. %|

Noodles are things kinda similiar to spaghetti. They can also be a material setting. Really nice.

Sorry, I’m talking about the node editor. Go to graphicall.org and you can download the latest build of blender in development.

Hi all, I have added a basic set for my teddy to live in. Any advice or comms please?


I added skirtiing board and wallpaper but the paper has rendered blured in the corner. Can anyone suggest why it may have done this? Also can anyone tell me how to scale the floor texture?


I’m guessing your useing strands? I hope at least, um it seems all the strands in that area are pointed directly at the camera, that could be it.

The wallpaper and the floor are just texture bmp’s assigned to plane meshes. It does look like I had left strands on,JB does it again. Thank’s
I decided to change the floor while I was at it too.