Teddy bear is not happy

Rendered with YafaRay 0.1.2, photon mapping


That’s great and a nice restrained colour palette.

I didn’t know Yafaray had particle support. Is this a new feature?

Dang! The artist in me likes the composition lighting and emotion. The parent in me just wants to cry. So conflicted…

very nice, render.how is the surface of teddy bear done?


Second version of this work and a link to download the scene:

Very impressive work! I opened your scene and blender starts to crawl. Not sure if it’s my system or what.

I really love that carpet how you have made it to look like that someone has walked on it. :slight_smile:

yes you need at least 8gb ram to handle the huge KD-tree produced by the 4 particles systems in the scene and the photon map. And a good graphic card too.

I am a very experianced blender user and i say as everyone else… Just WOW… So amazing render
What makes it so good to me is that this render is so uniqe and it just works.

Very nice render. One of my favorite jafaray renders so far :slight_smile:
Thumps up!

ps. Try using http://www.blendswap.com/ Instead of mediafire. BlendSwap is like blenders official models page :stuck_out_tongue: