Teddy Bear WIP

(my second try w/ a teddy bear and i am now approaching it differently… because well box modelling complicates things if you are trying to make a heam imo… lolz

I am now doing it w/ cotours modelling half the bear and adding mirror effect to dup the rest. and later applying it so i can rig it (i am newbie at that)
by end of this WIP I should be a bit better at modelling (newbie modeller)

I will add the eyes later near end of WIP

A small tip try doing an outline of your model. I find it a lot easier to model something when I first draw the outline shape of it.

It look nice!

Good luck!

Lol reminds me of the gummy bear song oh i’m a gummy bear yes i’m a gummy bear hmm hmm hmm hm hmm hmm hm hm…

=3 thnx for t3h comments.
Took some of that shiny spec off the teddy actually i took it all off to give it a softer look and now its time to add more detail give comments on how i should improve or change some things.
I also notice that the teddy bear seems a bit fat… but that might just be the norm for a teddy lolz

ya it’s the norm…is he missing his left eye? give him a button up shirt or something…and make him fuzzy =D…lol…he’s looking good but the snout should be longer I think

Yep, looking good. A longer snout and rounder back of the head would help some.

ya i see what u mean about the snout =) and well i didnt add the other eye because i still have mirror modifyer on and i want the eye to be in the exact right spot… but as of now i am texturing it and adding some design but… btw… i dont know how to add fur but i want it like this but do not know the technique used here:

jeje Teddy bear w/ slightly a bit more detail… and yet another problem… i am not very well taught in the arts of rigging xD
so i dunt know if i will be able to change this bad boys position so easily… oh well… all i wanted to do was move t3h legs closer togetha.
i am still adding some more changes like i am searching for how to add the fuzzy hear aformentioned… w/o particles. because those get messy…
(I wanna do that odd uv technique of fuzzing things lolz)

EDIT: (creating a scene still need some work on rigging xD)