Hello lately I had in mind to create a poster for my little kid,something that could be put in his bedroom later. So I took a simple subject, a teddy-bear. It’s very blueish because I wanted to give the aspect It’s lit by the night.

All was done using Blender, no post-prod in GIMP, the only thing done in GIMP is the textures of the littles boxes and their scratches.

Great bear model and textures.
I assume the boxes are meant to be wooden, but the specularity throws me off a bit.
Good lighting too!

Yes these ones are made of wood. Could you tell me what thows you a bit off about the specularity ? Honestly, the specularity is almost set to 0… It’s very very slight. I wasn’t sure wood would have a lot of specularity in such a scene.

simple but complete scene.

I like it :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, I mean the glow. The highlights (or glow) are really bright, so I thought it might have been extreme spec.

Very nice but I think that the bear is a little creepy for a little child… :wink:

You’re making it for a print poster? What size resolution did you have to render it out as?

@PhilMaker : Not at all, in fact It’s because of the node editor, (the postprod) I got this effect, and finally It’s something I wanted, but maybe It’s not suitable. I thought that gives an effect more “magical”…

@Illusionist: Yes I want to print a poster from it, I haven’t rendered the right size for it yet. At first this image is at the moment only 72 dpi, which is not suitable to be printed If I’m not mistaken. So as I want this to be A3. I will need to render a 3508 px x 4961 px (300dpi). I have no experience with it but I think It will be ok? If I do that… If ever you have any suggestion about this, feel free to share. Maybe, I should do a little print test before, with the smaller render. Just to be sure the image doesn’t come too dark or something else.

@Nico: Thank you, you are probably right about the fact It might look creepy.

Well, I use a handy “Render To Print” Add-On that may or may not be bundled with Blender. But you can download it fairly easily afterwards and install it. Basically, it sets up your final render resolution for you, after you set your desired size in CM, and then set the dpi. It also displays it in inches, I think.

Hope this helps!

Definitely print a small test before going big. In photoshop class I had to reprint my project like 3 times due to printer issues.
And you might see that the dark upper corners will be darker and pulled in more when printed. Then you might want to pull them back for the large print.