Teddy The Halberdier Bear

Hello guys, this is my entry for the CGBOOST.COM challenge of June “Cute warrior” , which i had the honor to be 1st !

My character is called “Teddy The Halberdier Bear” and everything started with the pronunciation of it ! (really, it’s dumb… i am …)

Finally little by little it started to make sense.
It’s rendered in Cycles, modeled in Blender, quick retopo with Instant Mesh (the body was sculpted). The armor set was textures in Substance Painter.
Fur was made 100% with Blender native particles system and it was VERY COOL and smooth even with a consequent density !!

Well, the metal of the halberd is too shiny for my taste but i did not have time to adjust !

Hope you like it (it was my first “serious” character )

The CGBOOST.COM link to the challenge results :

My Artstation portfolio : https://www.artstation.com/kenji-art


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart !

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You’re #featured! :+1:

Amazing fantastic work, and soo cute.
My new son we call little bear , this makes me think of him. :slight_smile:

Bear power!

Thank you ! When i was sculpting the body i could not stop thinking about my 1 year daughter too :slight_smile:

Love the cuteness + the armour! Very good work on this one @aito_kenji ! Also, Congrats winning that challenge!

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Thank you man ! But if i could make a story out of that, it will be even better, right ? for that you are a master ! :+1:

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This project’s complete IMO! The pose already tells a story! and NO! U are the master!