Tedious things about blender...

So I have an array of issues that are really tedious to deal with, and probably have an easier fix.

#1) Duplications - Very frequently, materials and scenes will duplicate multiple times, and then I have to go back and delete them. This seems to happen when I copy an object from a different scene. Using Ctrl+C.

#2) Everything is invisible- Sometimes, every object in the scene toggles visibility, and then I have to go and filter EVERY single object to see which one I had visible or invisible, this is VERY tedious and it seems to happen at random.

#3) Source paths reset- Seemingly at random, texture asset paths and sound asset paths will reset to the path I first referenced them from, rather than targeting the root folder that the .blend is in. This makes compiling of a game very tedious, as I have to re-reference the textures(using file/external data). This is tedious because of how long the compilation process is, and if I didn’t have to re-reference I wouldn’t even need to compile because I use a launch .blend to reference the main game.


1.As far as i know,duplicating an object (default Shift-D) copies the texture with the mesh.Materials that are not in use will delete themselves the next time you open the file (unless they changed it in one of the updates).I also noticed that copying more then one mesh with ctrl-c will create a duplicate material,just prob report it as a bug and move on.

2.press “alt-H” to unhide everything.“H” by default will hide whatever you have selected.

3.File>External Data>Automatically pack into .blend.This will pack any external files into the .blend file when you save it.

Half of the objects are supposed to be hidden, half are not. So unhideing everything isn’t really a solution…

Packing the files into blender would be difficult if in the future I change the textures and don’t want to recompile everything…

Prime example of the duplication issue, is there a way to fix this? (every image has 4-9 duplicates)