Tedy Lin

Just one of my Early 2006 Test renders… warming up for Orion Tear :o.
I was studing lighting… trying to figure it out wath could and couldn’t be done.

for a lighting study i like it, esp. the ‘rim’ light on the clothes hanger. :slight_smile:

This set was a relatevely big room, with only one pratical light source, a big window.
for that Big window I’ve used a Area Lamp, but everything was tooo dark, so I add more alamps in the seeling, floor and walls and reflective stuff to trying to simulate radiosyte.
The purpose was to use this for animation, but I had to quit Area lamps at all because they took long time to render

Nice man I like how you gave it that stiff look. Like a real teddy bear.

Thanks! I remember that I was also planing to make it furier, with the strand particuls… but I was having dificulties replicating a credible Tedy hair :stuck_out_tongue: