Hello everyone, this is a project I have been working on. Its a scene from a game called League of Legends. The character is Teemo.

Click here for high res

I hate his mushrooms :smiley:
Hes bag need some work i think, but rest is ok

Thanks :smiley: ye i didnt spend enough time on the bag :confused:
hehe. I love playing as teemo :slight_smile: haters gonna hate!

Damn Teemo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a few suggestions: more textures! To the cloth of minions, to the fur of Teemo, to the backpack - it adds much more realism.

The fur itself looks great IMO, especially on the ear. Also the grass is great, just that it’s only in one absolute shade of green.

Teemo is a little bastard :stuck_out_tongue:
“Why is Teemo a powerful champion? He is really annoying.”

I agree with Samipe. Maybe try to Pose him as well, just to make his position feel more like a champion of Demacia, and less like a doll of Demacia.

It looks like a great start, but it definitely needs some work :slight_smile:

EDIT: Thought you might want to see this Link, it is a model and Animation viewer for LoL. You can use it as a refernce for the Pose and the details of the model (obviously this uses the ingame models/textures. So the quality is not that high. But you already have a great base, so it should be easy to go on from there)