Teen Age

I love to share this hop lave it
Blender +Photoshop
wip clik to high r

Very Stylized. I like it. no criticisms. :smiley:

nice render! cannot see anything wrong

Great job, almost looks like it could be a human in one of the Shrek movies! :slight_smile:

Cool! you are right. awsome work!

Very nice work :slight_smile: The jawline is a little masculine for my taste – in fact, it’s particularly masculine, even for a male character --, but otherwise, yeah… great job :smiley:

reminds me of the “babysitter” in monster house! :smiley: she looks like it! great work samas!

Very nice! Great work on the hair. I liked you 5A Demo video too.

Keep it up
/ Mats

The lettering is horrible.
Everything else is perfect.

Unlike track wrecka i dont mind the lettering, and yes everything else is perfect. 5 starred.

quite nice and well executed. nice job.

almost looks like it could be a human in one of the Shrek movies

That was totally the first thing that popped in my head.

The one thing that kinda gets to me is the flatness on the forehead area, and her left eye is kinda wacked up. (it’s crooked)
But hey, aside from that stuff, I love it.

That is absolutely awesome stuff! I love the style of her, and it’s very well done, with great materials and lighting.

Fantastic work, and you get 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Needs more pimples :wink:

Good job!

Best human rendering I’ve seen done in Blender yet!
This is so awesome words can’t describe!!

The only minor crit I could think of was the corner of her lips looks kinda rounded and not sharp, if that makes sense.

Yeah minor lip issue(and teh text does look pretty horrible, Id ditch it completely), but the rest looks fantastic, prefectly stylized, 5 stars I think.

Brilliant work man.

That looks amazing!!! You should seriously apply to work for Pixar or something…
Umm, if you dont mind me asking, on the left eye, theres a pink…shadow of some kind, is that on purpose?
A million stars btw

Very nice dude.
Although it is not a crit, turn on SSS (SubSurface Scattering), it will add more detail to your model (the typical orange skin naturally found on all human skins).

Thanks every one for C :slight_smile:
i am used SSS for skin , and photoshop to clean up and panting some place maybe I did problem on eye .
Sorry my English is bad

Adjust the jaw line make it more feminine now looks like more male face to a female body.

That is only my little complain.

You can experiment some things with it bigger eyes small jaw line closer to the mouth line !

See if will be more attractive , about teenagers they have some proportions known in all figure drawing art books and in reality keep in mind that.

Good face loops and good rendering a bit to much post processing.

Modified the contrast ?

Keep them coming.

Maybe my lcd monitor don`t has good contrast.