Teen BlenderHeads

Just wondered how many teen Blender users we have(under 18).
Ive been using Blender for about 2 years, 3D about 2.3.
Im 13.
I do a bit of everything, Love to animate and model, though Im currently working on a game(I finally learned python ;)) wiht the Blender GE.
Anyway, anyone whos interested, your age, 3D genres, wutever.

You say ‘under 18’

That would apply to me two months ago but now I’m 18.:slight_smile:

There are plenty of old age topics lying around so you’ll find quite a few under 18.

I know of a few, just trying to get a rounded idea.
Plus, its good to know Im not alone :wink:

15, blenderhead. :smiley:

Well, many of us are teenagers, me being one of them (I turn 17 in 3 months’ time).
I’m a blenderer, though not the best one around. I’ve been blending for about 6 months now. When I’m not sleeping or doing school-related stuff I go out with friends. I also enjoy writing (mostly fiction) and I am intending to start playing bass soon.
Just a week ago I have started to create my own language (for various reasons) but I’m still working on defining it’s phonology.
For the rest, I enjoy listening to music (Linkin Park, Rammstein, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach and Adema being my favorites) and I’m quite interested in foreign cultures.

So what are you guys made of?

@Lua: hey man
@Pete :wink: : Well theres an intro duction, gotta redo mine:

I wouldnt say Im the best either, but afte rtwo years, Im pretty good :slight_smile: I listen to nearly all types of music, excluding country. Im a musician, I sing, play guitar(lead and bass), piano, drums. I can whip out a crazy electronica track if you want one. Ive made various alphabets(yup, LOTR fan) but Ive only used them for a few weeks.
I love to skate, even tho Im not that great. Basketball, football, wutever, I love it. I love to write, draw, sketch a bit, sleep, hang with friends, flirt with girls, um…yeah, thats about it.

Alright, thats all.

Wow, I thought you were like 27, CW. :stuck_out_tongue:

To expand a bit on myself, I like 2d artwork as well, I love going out with friends, but especially love music, even more than blendering. It’s pretty much what I want to do with my life. Some of my favorite bands now are copeland, dashboard confessional, sufjan stevens, sleeping at last, and lovedrug.

For blender, I haven’t been using for very long, but I love it. :slight_smile: It’s getting great for orgranic modelling, and I’m working on a photorealism project of one of my favorite actresses.

CW: I used to really be in to rock, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and Papa Roach were some of my favs too. Great bands. :slight_smile:

Ah, Dashboard COnfessional. A little too mushy, but of course I cant talk, Im a John mayer fan…
Yeah, Im actually planning on being a musican for a career, CG is kind of a really fun fallback.

A shame you never got very far with your alphabets, Drew. Making your own language is fun :smiley: Not talking about stuff like pig latin, though. I’d like to hear your musical creations, if you have recorded any. Music is my only true love, I think. Good luck with the girls then :wink:

27? Wow… I must give off bad vibes, Lua (is that your real name?) LP, 3DG and PR are great bands indeed. Their lyrics are inspiring as well (well, too me at least). It’s great to see someone married to music as well :wink:
About the 27 thing… why did you think that?

free_ality: a john mayer fan huh? I liked “your body is a wonderland”, but the funny thing is, I always thought he was too mushy, lol. you could probably lead a band, since you’ve got all the frontman requirements. I was always solo. I play Guitar, piano, a little bass, and I sing too. Cool beans.

Charles: firstly, nah, Lua isn’t my name, I took the name from a roman goddess. My real name’s Marty. secondly, don’t worry about the 27 thing, I based it on your maturity. You seem pretty well rounded socially, and let’s face it, most 17 your olds (the ones I know, anyways) aren’t. If it makes you feel better, I also figured you got a pretty good amount of tail (I jump to conclusions really quick, even if I don’t know someone, but I know it’s not any of my freakin business, lol). Music is my lady too. CG is my mistress. :smiley:

Music is my lady too. CG is my mistress.

Ha, I feel you there.
Band Related: yeah, I guess I kind of could, except, Im more of a John Mayer ish singer, guitarist. Which isnt extremely popular. but Im getting more people to listen, and they like what theyre hearing… What is that genre?..Kind of jazz rock.
Though I can rip out some nice punk riffs :wink:
@CW: yeah, I just had the written languages, all fairly simple. I may post some of my recordings…as soon as I get a better recorder. the one Ive got now is a junk .wav recorder(like 25 khz or something)…apparently it sounds like a radio recording :slight_smile:
Ha, Im liking this thread…

isn this thread like bait for pediofiles?

I guess it could be…you risk that every time you start a thread tho.
And we arent idiots…

wow!next time ill hear on the news is some maniac takes over one of you.Although i am also young i do not specify my age

i doubt it. pedophiles don’t usually use forums. we prefere myspace and chatrooms… err, they prefere myspace and chatrooms. not that i’d know that for a fact or anything.

I’m almost 18. I wonder how much people think I am. It’s always curious
I started blender about 3 years ago


I’ll be 18 on the 30th.

This subforum in particular is packed with teenagers nowadays…

The age of consent here in Nevada is 16…


ohh i never knew Valarking was a donating member…your not the donating type:p