Teenage Lovers *please critique*

I’m working on a simple little figurine model that I plan on printing on a 3D printer. It will be of two teenage lovers, the female kissing the male’s cheek and the male would have the biggest blushing smile :slight_smile: I’ve only been modeling for almost a year now on and off so I would really appreciate it if I could get feedback on this start from anyone. Thank you!

this is the heart pedestal that the couple will be standing on

looks good for a start, first thing I notice is her legs don’t have any curve, but I’m really interested in the head, that’ll be the make or break. I suggest with your experience level going with something REALLY cartoony or stylized. Make sure you draw it many times before you even go to the computer to model it.

Sounds like a cool project. I would second the advice of NRK to go for a cartoonish or stylized head. It will be easier, more fun, and probably yield a cooler result. Also, not knowing the equipment you are using for the printing, I would add in the caution around large overhangs (ie. the skirt) which will need to be held up by a support for a 3d printer (makerbot style) to work. Good luck!

Wow didn’t even think of that with the skirt, I’ll have to fix that before I print, because the printer that I’m using does only half the work of printing, after it’s printed I need to peel and scratch off the excess material and it’s going to be nearly impossible with that skirt.

And thank you both for suggesting the cartoon approach, that’s the way I’ll go :slight_smile: