Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shredder's Raphael WIP

Apparently New Users can only use one media file per post? So had to post my Raph WIP seperately, I feel like my lighting and fog needs some work but is there anything else I can do to make the image a lot more impressive?


Excellent, I think it turned out great. Reminnds me of my childhood love for Ninja turtles :purple_heart:

Thank you, means a lot

Looks pretty good to me! You might add some realism to the background but the main elements seem to be there.

I think an image like this can be taken pretty far in a quick color/composite session. It may close the gap in your satisfaction a bit. I took the liberty of giving it a quick touch up to show you what I mean:

Of course since you said WIP you may have a post production process established and are looking for criticism strictly on the scene in which case ignore me completely!

I did this in Resolve btw!

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I’m in awe, thank you so very much. All I ever did was practice making characters and rigging them the best that I can. Renders and post processing are still something I’m trying to grasp the basics of so input and replies like this are exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up this week. Thank you… When you talk about realism to the background are you referring to textures and grunge on the wall or do you mean that the background is still a little empty?

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I’m glad its helpful! I am considering making a quick tutorial that conveys a few tricks to apply to every render to get things poppin - if I make it I will send you the link in case its helpful!

On the background - the most notable thing for me is the geometry of the raised center ground and the passage on the right. You may want to give them some multires and beat them up a little bit. The back wall and objects on the ground are quite convincing, esp when pushed into the shadows.

In case you really want to focus on your characters in the future another “instant quality” option is to use some free photoscans from Sketchfab. They can be adapted or used outright and automatically have all the natural details and transitions between elements our eye is used to. In a scene like this you might consider some of these:

A hint with these is to adapt the color map (often all they come with) into roughness/bump etc with color ramps to make them have some variation in the shader.

Of course you may not be as lazy as me and your background here (and even more so on the Donatello scene) totally do what they need to do!

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Thank you again. I might get lazier and more efficient in time but for now everything’s a learning adventure so trying to grasp and master as many concepts as I can. I will work on the resolution and add some extra damage and variation and if you do make a tutorial would be glad to watch it, so do send a link

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Definitely ride that wave! You are producing really amazing work and should keep following your nose!

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I never did show off the final piece, did I?


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Just saw this! Looks amazing!!

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Thank you very much, and thank you for the input you gave me before. It made a difference

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