Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lair

Hey guys ! With the new film being released I decided to get nostalgic and create my own take on the TMNT lair. I tried volumetric lighting in this render but still feel everything is a little dark. Any suggestions on how to lighten up the shot would be greatly appreciated !

So. Clearly. You’re going to do the characters and the van next. Right?

I would like to at some point. I have only been using blender for a couple of months so I am still learning the ropes in regards to modelling characters ! What do you think I could do better with the shot ? Any criticism will be greatly appreciated !

Set up more shots, panned out so we can see more of the environment. This one looks great though. Otherwise I don’t have anything specific for you, I’ve been Blending almost a year and have yet to master low polly models for games, I’ve never made any scene, and I have no idea how you learned enough to make this in just a couple of months…

Thanks for the thumbs up and the advice ! Ever since starting I have spent near enough every single day practicing. A large number of youtube tutorials also helped me to understand different aspects of Blender. I am currently learning character topology and I am able to create head models but still struggle with creating the body ! Hopefully soon I will be able to actually put the turtles themselves in this shot !


Don’t forget Master Splinter…