Teenager sells his kidney for an iPad 2!

Yes folks, you read that correctly! A 17yr old in China sold his kidney so he could get an iPad 2:eek:

You forgot to add that ‘Never’ option so i cant vote.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually this headline is crap.
He sold his kidney for money.
With the money he bought technical gadgets, amongst them an iPad2.

Stupid kids these days… when I wanted something as a boy, I got a job somewhere.

On the bright side, the boy now is happy for 6 months until the iPad2 is available in Pink and you need a new one, while somewhere in this world a rich fuck can get off dyalisis and happily life another 15-20 years while the boy dies if he ever has any issues with his kidney.

Disgusting… I cannot imagine how low this persons IQ must be.

not even for billions of dollars , or any number.
and I think that article is annoying.

Considering how Apple these days markets their products as hip, cool, and a lifestyle at a fairly high rate, the fact you have people camping out in front of stores for multiple nights to get the latest gadget or game console, the fact that many people have already done senseless things for material possessions and money in the past and will in the future, and the fact that more than one billion people in China means an increase in the chance of one person doing something unusual like this for things like money, this is unfortunately not a total surprise.

I’m not going to blame Apple by claiming they market in a way that leads to things like this though, just that a lot of kids nowadays are growing up without a lot of common sense, and it doesn’t help that for many kids, developing that sense is made more difficult by parents that don’t teach them to use it (even though they can still learn it).

I wouldn’t want to sell my kidneys. Do you know what happens when they get get damaged? Try increasing that when they go missing! Want something get a job!

There’s a reason we were given a backup in case one fails!! Don’t sell your kidney’s people!

Darwinism at it’s finest.

Yeah another brainwashed zombie, The kidney he sold will stop working once the warranty on his ipad runs out :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. It’s called cell tissue death!

I bought an ipad and it cost me and arm and a leg.

@Richard Marklew, lol…

It’s actually a common expression used to described what is perceived to be a ludicrous price on a product or commodity, mainly in the vein of something being thought of as overly expensive.

In case you didn’t know what it meant, even though it seems Richard may have intended it as a sort of pun relating to the thread title. :slight_smile:

Indeed. I decided against my initial thoughts which involved Steve Jobs and liver transplants !


yep. heh! just getting a piece of candy can cost a few doll-hairs:D.

For a proprietary device that you have to PAY money to Apple if you want to DEVELOP on the platform to begin with? NEVER.

If they offered me time travel, I might say yes. Might. If it was open source time travel, that would let me learn from it, modify it, and make profit off the modified version.

Heh! I kind of wish time travel existed as an open source tool :evilgrin: