Teeth always broken when I rig every character with auto-rig pro

Hello to everyone. Someone here uses Auto-Rig pro ? Sometime I use it,sometime I use Rigify. The problem is that as soon as I rig every mesh with Auto-Rig pro I have a situation like that you can see below. I don’t know if I rig the character in a wrong way,but the teeth are always broken and I should spend sometime to fix them with the manual weight painting. Instead,this does not happen when I use rigify. Someone of you has a similar problem ? thanks.

You’ve undoubtedly solved this by now, but I thought I’d respond in case it helps someone else.

A video by Markom3D shows this problem and it’s solution here:


Bottom line is he selects the teeth, removes them from all vertex groups, then assigns the top teeth to the head, and the bottom teeth to the jaw.

Will be different depending on the mesh, but that’s the principle of it.