teh l33test vector art i've ever seen.

Scroll down the page and you’ll see those awesomely realistic vectorizations… Maybe some day Illustrator will replace photoshop, then Adobe would be really screwed. XD

There’s some nudity on the site. I may get pwnzored for posting this here.

Here are some links to portfolio’s with no nudity. If the admins are mad about the link above, could they please remove it, but leave these? Could be a useful thread, I’d hate to see it locked.

http://i-evermind.deviantart.com/gallery/ (partial, but no actual bad-parts.)

this site has already been posted here before. And adobe owns illustrator if you dont already know that, so how are they screwed if it replaces photoshop? Notlike it will, seeing as though one is raster and the other is vector based…

I’d assume that since it isn’t in the recent pages, no one will get too P.O.d about it.

It was a joke. Hence the “XD”

Hmm, at some point, 3d is vector graphics I guess. 2D vector graphics are just rendered real time, 3d is not always. … This means that

Muhahahha! :smiley:

“3D” (meshes) is infact vectors ( vector = geometric primitives)…

3D means you have 3D data, more data, more angles, more possibilities.
2D vector graphics such as illustrator /meshes can soon slow and lag up on larger projects making it render changes alot slower than realtime…

I’d assume that since it isn’t in the recent pages, no one will get too P.O.d about it.
Sorry, maybe I should have said “Hmm… Such an original thread.” Maybe that wouldn’t give off any P.O.ness. XD ^^

Well, since I’ve never used, or seen anyone use that phrase to indicate P.O.ness before, I would have to agree with you at this point… 8D