Tein Coilover - Updated

I keep trying to model various objects that force me to learn a different part of Blender each time, and so far it has worked well. This is a newer-ish project I started. I’m not really sure if I am aiming for photorealistic with my stuff, as I am still confused by Yafray. I guess just “look’s good” is my broad goal.

Right now mt current frustration is trying to get the upper mounts and camber plate to look more like gold anodizing. Any suggestions?

[Updated photo]

Your modelling looks great. But your questions seem to be more related to materials & lighting.

Once mastered, Yafray can produce awesome results. But photorealism (or, close to it) can be achieved with blender internal . . . with a similar combination of technique, testing & time.

It looks like you have a simple 2-light setup. A more subtle use of multiple lights & AO would produce a nice look for the scene.

In your post you mention trying to reproduce the look of ‘gold anodizing’. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but you need to focus on material properties & try to copy it’s various characteristics after analyzing what makes anodized gold (?) look the way it looks.

Thank you.

I will try more with the internal render engine.

I have tried tweaking some material settings, and using a new camera angle.


Could you give a breif explination on how you mapped the black spring and the black peice of metal on the bottom, please? Thank you. I will look up anodising and see what type of material I can get.

nice suspension :o :o

I have attached a compiled screenshot showing my materials settings. If there is an easier way to do this please let me know, I am new with Blender. :slight_smile:



Here’s a blend file of the anodising material. If you need an explination, or you need it to look better, just ask. I don’t mind.

Thanks for the material settings.

Thank you!

I will try this material and see how it looks.

Here are some more recent renders after I switched to using area lights in stead of lamps. Also I tweaked some of the materials more. I am thinking of moving this to focused critique, C&C welcome.

Note: None of this is to scale, I am just going “by eye”