Tejas HAL -Light Multirole Aircraft

My latest project, Tejas multirole aircraft and my first one where i did uv unwraping ,so far my models were either texture less or textured as box projection ,well i need a quite realistic material for the body of aircraft so any suggestion will be appreciated , i want to render it as real as possible , and this gallary above is should have it.

render so far


Your modeling looks very good, abhimanyu! I don’t have a lot of experience with texturing, but you could try a “smart UV unwrap” to quickly prepare the model for texturing. If you want a fairly clean looking texture, you could use some basic layers in a program such as Photoshop or Gimp to create a texture image. If you want a dirter, grungier look to the plane, texture painting may be the way to go instead; it takes more time, but the results are more believable (instead of just using a single grunge/dirt image for the whole texture).

There is also the option of creating a “dirt map” for the model instead: http://mango.blender.org/artwork/shading-tests-dirtmaps/

I hope these ideas may help you. You’ve made very good progress so far!

Thanks James,

Hi, nice start here ! I agree with James, but I do the whole textures in PS (or Gimp if you prefer). Maybe texture painting could also achieve the job, it is just a personal workflow. Keep it up !

I forgot that “Texture Painting” is also a tool in Blender. What I meant was painting the textures by hand, such as this- http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=373024

Similar names, but different workflows. I have not even used texture painting in Blender yet, as I feel more comfortable with the brush control in Photoshop.

using gimp i tetxured it , its a bit incomplete but it is as far as i have done yet, soon i will render it with spec map and bump map. and guys it is the material that i want not texturing technique .
Thanks again.

Good model! Maybe this book will help you? (I think that looking on the pictures from the free version you will got the the general workflow. It describes a WW II fighter, but the methods are the same)

Looks really good! Are you using normal maps at all? Impressive.

i think , this is as far i will go in texturing , and it seems that this jet is ready to fly so my next renders will be final and will be under the sky


Only spec map is left and that i will upload tomorrow in finished project forum.

finished work is here

please comment for my work