Tek Lotus Beta

Digital image using ToolWiz Pro and some pictures of bits and bobs around the house.

Made with shiny objects, camera and toolWiz pro for android.


Full Bloom


Developed the Background out a bit

Min Ten Char

no make art button pressed in the making of this piece.


At the heart of the spacestation, it could burn for a millennia with the tritium on board.


Just got on pc from phone, this is pretty dark

going to ramp exposure a bit.


Now almost perfect! Still I plan to upload my version soon.

No worries, stay cool and buy research papers.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]493726[/ATTACH] Last one is almost perfect but original is better. Will upload my version soon

new work

trinity interference

Made with red led flashlight, old glass jar, piece of paper, kaleidoscope filter, and double exposure.

Crimson Star

Trinity of Azure