Tekken 6!!

have you guys played it yet? I really like Armor King and King. I modeled Armor King for my game project in BGE. TEKKEN RULES!!

Back in the days, I played Tekken on the PS1 - it was a fun activity especially with a group, where you played doubles and the loser would wait until his/her turn came again. To the developers of this, well done!

I pretty much lost interest in video games when they became mindless blood splattering orgies. Seems like the video games today only rely on graphics to sell the game. Are there any games out there that require any skill or intelligent thought process? I sometimes like the MotoGP game. It does seem to require some learning skill to control the motorcycle some. But even that gets boring after awhile.

I wonder if there will ever be anything new in the way of game development that will move games to the next level.

World of warcraft. It’s all about next level.

Yeah. I have definitely heard about WoW. But I just can’t make myself pay the monthly fee. Maybe one day.

Try the Half Life series. That’s a must see if you are looking for puzzle solving. And because it’s so damn cheap and comes with TF2… which is definitely a blood splattering orgy, but online, so that makes it fun, right?


Half-life is one of the best FPS’s ever made. You can’t consider yourself a true FPS gamer until you play it all the way through.

dont worry,
that spy never really was on your side