Tekken: The Movie

I just came across this and was surprised I hadn’t heard of it before now.

Looks like Jet Li is to play a role in the Movie version of Tekken :o

Does anyone else smell a strange whif of that dreadful Streetfighter film they made so very long ago???

Surely this can’t be any good, can it?

Story HERE

I hope this “Let’s make a movie of a video game” hype doesn’t last too long. They’ve already made Doom, and now they’re making Tekken…? WTF. :expressionless:

wait? they made a movie of doom?


You been living under a rock?

They already made Tekken into a shitty anime movie.

Must explain why I haven’t seen or heard of that version then %|

I suppose time will tell with this one.

If hollywood get desperate, they could just take every version of tekken and take all the intro movies, glue 'em together, spruce up some dialogue for it all and call it a film :smiley:

(Knowing our luck, that’ll probably happen on a bonus features section of a DVD, you wait)

i would get comfortable because from what i hear, there are a slew of video game movies coming out…

Video game movies will fit nicely in the trash next to comic book movies.

Yep - when was it supposed to have been released? Actually don’t answer that, I’ve just clicked on your other link. Sheesh - Game movies really are coming in force now aren’t they? The Halo movie coming out in 2007, I think that there’s a Resident Evil 3 in the works and god only knows what’s coming next…don’t you think this is getting out of hand slightly?

Mortal Kombat, Mario Brothers, Captain America, The Flash, The Hulk, Dick Tracy, Halo, The Shadow, The Phantom…
I’m very very prejudiced against comic/video game to movie.

A few exceptions are Superman, Batman (the first 2), Spiderman, Matrix, Blade, Sin City.

But the rule of thumb is, if it comes from a comic or video game, IT SUCKS!

But as you’ve just pointed out, there are a few exceptions to the rule…

I agree. First two batman films, great. Dark, gloomy with a decent Batman. Agree with the rest too.

They are doing another TWO confirmed Resident Evil films, which will be 3 and 4. (Terrible I know).

I think some game/comic films ‘can’ work, but I also reckon it’s very difficult and tricky to do so.

Having never played Halo (not keen on it), I think Peter Jackson may be able to make something decent, but you just never know %|

btw they also make HALO.


Yeah, that’s what I mentioned. In some respects I’m glad I haven’t played Halo. My expectations of any film about it will be less hardcore than some of the gamers.

This is why I haven’t seen Doom yet. I’m afraid. Not of the effects, but of the entire thing being crap.

This is why I haven’t seen Doom yet. I’m afraid. Not of the effects, but of the entire thing being crap.

I can’t help but laugh! You expected this film to be good?! I went and saw it the second night that it was out simply for nostalgia. Of course is going to be crap! It’s based on a videogame that had a pretty sorry story to begin with, has a horrible supporting cast, and stars the ROCK! What were you expecting? These movies aren’t made to be cinematic masterpeices. They’re made because studio big-wigs know that there are people like me that have an alliegence to the game and will give up 8 dollars to go see it. Why do you think they’re making Halo? Cause its going to be fresh and new?! Ha!

I tottaly agree

I think it is good when they make movie out of video games but tekken!!!
I am not sure if it is going to be good.

But i heard they where going to make metal gear solid movie this would be so good if they make it like the game.
Allready the game is like a story

I tottaly agree[/quote]

All hail to Hellboy, Spidey, the Batman and X-men (and lets hope we’ll see more of Colossus in part 3)…

… though not from a comicbook, Zebraman kicked butt too %|

For God’s sake, change the director! Why in the hell are they putting one of China’s most popular talents (and greatest martial artist of all time) in the hands of a fool? Plus Takeshi Kaneshiro, one of Japan’s most famous young actors. Let’s look at his filmography:

Mr. 3000 - Comedy (?) film about a black dude who plays baseball.
IMDB ranking 5.8/10.

Paid in Full - Drama film about a black gangster… with a conscience.
IMDB ranking 6.3/10.

Drumline - Teen flick about a black drummer and his crappy band.
IMDB ranking 5.3/10.

… and that’s it! I can only imagine this movie to be utter crap.

wow that director is complete garbage. I have seen 3000 and drum line, crappiest movies ever… :o

Though, i think this movie might come out well. Unfortunatly, this might be another example of crappy american directors with really good matial artists, creating crappy american movies…(medallion, tuxedo, rush hour,)

I think Halo is definitly going to be better than the other crap movies. Its heard that, warner bros and universal, or whoever makin it, is taking it very seriously, and bungie is right on their heels to get it right.

Though i heard the person writing the script for halo is the same guy who did Training Day, ( good movie, but…)