Tekneek's sketchbook and Stuff

Hey ya.

Figured I’d go ahead and start a SB here.

Starting off with a Comp quick doodle.

And, I know I promised a .gif of it but these forums won’t allow me to upload it, So, here’s the before pic .

And a Demon Moose Thingy.

And Also a Gryffon thingamobob.

Everything’s comped in Blender, rendered with Cycles, but the Sculpts are sculpted within ZBrush.

And also, thanks for an awesome software.

Hey dude, didn’t know you had joined BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

Really nice works, I especially like the demon moose.

nice works!:eyebrowlift:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Jake: I’ve been lurking here for quite some time, but am really lazy doing any work :smiley:

But, since I’ve essentially migrated away from Autodesk, and just about only use Blender nowadays, I figured I’d get down with the community too :slight_smile:

This is Steve.

He’s got a friend called Heubert who’s still in the works.

He’s fully rigged and modelled in Blender and rendered, and I’m planning in a future far far away, to do some episodes with these guys.

Basically in the lookdev phase a.t.m., then Heubert’ll get preivewed.

The creature sculpts are very nice, very detailed and very professional looking, so I’m guessing you honed your sculpting skill in one of the commercial apps. at one point?

The only thing is that eventually, you will want to make less use of Suzanne in favor of your own models for things other than tests, she’s kind of a popular model among new users. :slight_smile:

Suzanne is awesome!!! :wink: Nice sculpts! Good lighting on that first render too. :slight_smile:

Woah, thanks for the positive feedback guys, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I use ZBrush for sculpting and sculpting’s my main emphasis, but to not be a one trick pony, I dabble in every aspect in one way or another.

and, as for “professional looking” thank you, but I’m actually a former professional gone hobbyist :smiley:

Love the work, hate the job.

Also, I love Suzanne, perhaps a bit obsessively, and she’s nice to use as a filler object for quick stuff and sketches.

Suzanne rocks, leave her in! :slight_smile: Cool stuff here, really love the first render! :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

That first render’s an experiment with the Composition tool in Blender. I’ll upload a gif of pre-postcomp during the weekend so you can see the difference. And on that note: The Comp tool is imho very powerful and I love it :smiley:

I love what you did with it, not too “over the top”. Some people blow out the DOF and vignette, you did something tasteful with it, keep it up! :smiley:

Sorry late reply but thank you.

Subtlety’s under appreciated :slight_smile:

But, here’s a golfish

with a turntable


Suzanne force field thingy…

More fun with Suzanne and her Force Field

Went perhaps a tad bit overboard with the comp, but I was testing out a fake SSS and a (or “the” I’m not sure) dispertion shader.

But, it was fun :slight_smile:


Cool tests, especially the forcefields. How did you do that exactly?

Thanks dude :smiley:

Basically, a Sphere, Dynamic Paint, Particles as brushes and that die when they hit the sphere, and a few nodes.


Wanted to tes/show off my Ice shader, which wasn’t visible enough in that snow scene.

So I used my old trusty Demon Moose and minimal post to get it looking sexy.

Turntable of the icy Demon Moose.

That ice shader look so much better in motion, the stills doesn’t really do it justice IMO but it looks really nice :slight_smile: