Telecaster Guitar

This guitar is part of a project that my friend Davide Tirindelli and I are creating to give some guitars for free on our Gumroad store ( The guitar pack will contain some guitars from different brands that we hope you take advantage of. I will let you know once the pack is finished.


Very nice! Textures and lighting are superb, I especially love the slight bloom on the chrome! the strap button, bridge, the knobs\switch, all look great. So does the body. All very nice looking.
Functionally there’s a few minor issues.
I do think the input jack is WAY to big, and it looks like its just a hole in the guitar

as seen here the hole for the cable is much smaller than the casing around it(its got screws too, minor detail, not really an important one)

Same deal with the tuning pegs, just a little fat. I think the strings could wrap around them a few times more too.

My final minor gripe. those frets would cut into your hands with how far they stick out the neck, my guitar has a fret or 2 that stick out a little but and I cut my fingers when I ran my hand up and down the neck from playing.(I’ve since filed the frets in question down so they dont stick out any more)
heres a picture of what I mean

as seen here the frets dont extend further than the guitars fretboard.

Overall I think it’s awesome! Few minor details are a little off, but if I wasn’t a guitar player myself I would never have noticed any of them.

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Wow man thank you very much, you’re totally right, I didn’t notice those issues until now. I will fix them and I’m sure the guitar will improve a lot. Again, thank you, very appreciated :pray:t5::blush:.

very nice model, I can’t wait to see the full pack… the mechanics look very realistic, i wish i could play with such a jewel… unfortunatly I play on Ibanez…^^) see you on b.a

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Hahaha thanks man. I will let you know when the pack is ready.