"Telecine Suite" ReRender

Hi all,

This scene was modeled and posted here quite a while ago by Tim Ellis. (sonix)

I’ve rematerialized it and rerendered it (using different camera angle, a closeup)
using Lux.

This render is part of 2 demo images i’ve made.
The other one is here.

Crits welcome :wink:



Both of pisc are impressive, though the one above looks a bit plastic. I belive it’s just the matter of used (or not used) textures, not shaders themself.

May I suggest You removing thickening from the beautifull and crystal clear logo-type? This way it will be suber-B.:smiley:

do you mean the L and R capitals in the logo ?


The very two letters,
or “r” at last…

EDIT: ups… I meant “L”… sorry for confusion and being off topic.