Telephone Poles

Hello All. My first post. I have used Maya a bit and am now trying to do Blender since I believe in open source. In Maya I can add a nurb cylinder, and type a number into Radius to make it smallerr or larger in diameter and type in a large number in the Height Ratio to make it long and skinny. I just can’t see where I can type in exact numbers in Blender to make a pole of a specific size. Plese help and excuse my ignorance–I am really trying to learn! Thank You.

Select the nurb and type “N”. Fill in the values.

I’m afraid I don’t have Blender here in front of me, but I seem to remember that you select the object and then either:
Go to the Edit Buttons and change its properties there
Press n to bring up the properties tab.
Sorry, I can’t remember which!

The 4 things that can be changed in N do not let me change diameter or length of the cylinder, just its location and something called Width that does not do either the diameter or length.

Try using Meta objects instead. Anyway, wouldn’t simple meshes be the best thing for telegraph poles?

I started with a surface nurbs tube and “N” panel gives me
size X,Y, and Z which adjusts height width and length.
There is no width.

Thanks for the replies. I am making slow progress now. The N (Transform Properties) seems to change how much and what it shows from time to time. I now have access to places in it to change the factors I need. I use nurbs because that is what they pushed in the Maya tutorials and I don’t know any better. I actually am not making telephone poles, but poles to use in the walls of an ancient Indian structure from the Southeastern U.S. I am modeling. I am an archaeologist. Thanks again for the help. I’ll probably have othe rquestions as I go along.

Cool - you’re probably finding that you get different options to change things depending on whether you’re in Object or Edit Mode. Here’s a tip - use Tab to change between these modes quickly.