Hey folks,

It’s been a while since my last post. I did this phone for an animation I’m doing for work. Unfortunately I can’t show you the animation but I want to show off my phone :wink: I’m pretty pleased with they way it turned out.
There are wierd tweaks in the chord, but they weren’t significant enough to fix. It’s a quick and dirty scene with floor and single spotlight. No raytrace, internal blender render.

Very well done. Well done indeed.

Great job!

Excellent work of the phone cord. To make that did you extrude along a path? My only crit would be if you look closely, some parts of the cord are thinner or thicker than other parts. It should be a uniform thickness. You got the spiral part looking perfect though.

Are those real phone numbers of people?

I like the model but feel somehow that it is out of proportion; squashed. It could be the camera lens, etc. The ear and mouth cones of the handset also appear, to me, to be pointed inward toward one another in what is not-quite the right shape. In both cases these are extremely slight, niggling quibbles on my part.

However, a very exceptional model, particularly in the handling of the phone-cord. Great work.

I like the cord, the numbers are good too.

Morbid - Thanks

Dbugged - Thank you too. I made the chord using a the “screw” mesh tool, then I put bones in it to bend it the way I wanted it. It was just quick and dirty vertex grouping which is what is causing some of the variation in chord thickness.

Sundialsvc4- The render does look a little flat. This is due to the camera angle. The handset was eyeballed from a reference picture. They’re extremely close to the same angle as the ones in my reference picture. I appreciate your comments.

Kansas - thanks