Teleport script 2.6+

(Cotaks) #1

Teleport script for blender 2.6+

New version:
I have changed it a bit, now u got an empty that is set as an end location, meaning you dont have to mess with coordinates anymore. I have also included a movement script, so u can actually walk around and try the teleporters.

This version includes:

  • teleport to an end location (can be placed where you want)
  • make the teleporters teleport you to a random or fixed location
  • turn teleporters on or off
  • easy to add more telporters

Download: teleport.blend (539 KB)

Old blend files:
Teleport to 1 location: teleport.blend (503 KB)
Teleport to a random location: random teleport.blend (527 KB)

Have fun with it,

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(JohnnyBlack) #2

And here is a teleport script I made in a few minutes.
It can teleport the object that you want in many different places.

The cone object has a string property that defines the name of the object where the cone will be teleported at.
Just type in the name of it and you will teleport at your desired position.

Cotax,i hope you dont mind.


teleporter.blend (713 KB)

(Cotaks) #3

Cotax,i hope you dont mind.

Not at all as i said its a basic script, u can make it whatever u want. i just coulnd find a working version, zo i made one. this one or yours have the same idea, and can be build to what the user want so i am ok with it :slight_smile:

(Thatguyrighter) #4

Hey is there a way anyone can write this so touching the object triggers a different object to move?

(Cotaks) #5

Uploaded a new and improved version.

(OTO) #6

thank you for sharing your nice script!
The example file its…well, not “terrible”!