Teleporting from one map(file) to another map and back

Let me explain this a bit, basically I just got done experimenting with #GameLogic.globalDitc[‘xyz’] = xyz

and I found out how useful it can be, the only issue in my situation, is that I need the character to go back to exactly where he was when he first leaves the scene. A good example would be a classical rpg game where you get an encounter, your teleported to another scene where you fight and when you win, your teleported back to the the place from whence you started the encounter. Now, getting the stats such as hp and sorts is not a big deal if I use the global dictionary, but I tried calling GameLogic.globalDict[‘position’] = me.getPosition(), thinking that would work, but without further adue, I came up empty handed. I was wondering if anyone could push me to the right direction to solve this or where I can learn to do such things. Thanks.