tell blender how i want the saved file to open

so i set up say three windows and in wireframe etc
save it
but when i later reopen the file it is all gone
just the one window at an odd angle.

how do i tell blender that i choose the windows on save files - not you!


theres a “Load UI” check box when you open a blend from the browser. by default its on.

my UI has always saved where i put it, and where anyone else left theirs.

it it NOT where that it is the problem.

never had problem with that !

when you save file it will save windows et up too
so when you re open it will same set up as before

happy bl

mine does not - uh oh

i could be confused. but i set it at 2 windows etc as in the before pic and then i show the reopened pic.
yes i reinstalled the software


TEMPTEST.blend (508 KB)

i tested your file and see the same thing no changes at all!

what is the second wire ball in last pic ?

happy bl

first picture is what i see when i reopen the file.
second picture is how it was when i saved it.

Make sure this box is checked.

i wish i had asked months ago!
thanks very much
load UI was not ticked