Tell me how to improve them?

Hi one and all

I have been using blender for the last three years without a lot of progress.

now I know that my mistake is trying to improve by myself without asking for help and communicating with others in Blender communities.

Well, no more here I am posting three small projects please tell me how I can improve them regarding everything … modeling, materials, lighting, and layout all your notes and suggestions are welcome

1st project the oldest my take on designing a sword. ( I can’t remeber if I did this as a toturial or not )

katana.blend (850.1 KB) katana.blend1 (780.6 KB)

2nd project is a try on designing a couch and a living room. ( using fspy to align the camera to a veiw)

Sofa .blend (3.2 MB) Sofa .blend1 (3.2 MB)

the 3rd is something I finished today a small teapot. ( to practice nods and lighting … you see how bad it is!)

teapot Good _D .blend (818.5 KB) teapot Good _D .blend1 (818.5 KB)

I uploaded the blend files so if anyone wants to check them out.

Thanks all :smiley:

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The teapot renders suffer from a lack of contrast between the teapot and background. Use a different background HDRI something darker.

learn studio lighting.

Also this guy is really good at teaching lighting/shading! and


Thanks for the links mate, the one about lighting characters by CG cookies is extremely helpful

I’ll watch the other today.

the third one, however, was just a show about a cool paid add-on to create HDRIs and nothing about studio lighting. unless I’ve missed something :slight_smile:

Yes that one is for a paid addon, though you cant buy it anymore lol. But there are other like it for cheap or free, it just speeds up studio lighting.

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